Back in Alignment

So this trip started out with celebrating one of my besties 40th birthday in Chicago then head to my new residence which is the State of South Dakota to obtain my drivers license.  This trip totally brought something back that has been temporarily missing for awhile.

Chicago was a blast. My favorite thing about Chicago is even that it is a large city they treat you like family.  We attended several establishments of the adult beverage variety and quickly the owners and staff befriended me like I have known them for decades.  I even started to receive the friends and family discount!  Two of the favorites are Beer on Clark and Greystone Tavern.

After the binge in Chicago, I headed to South Dakota to convert my NC license to a SD license.  This was pretty easy and I was in and out in 15 minutes.  In NC this is at least a half day adventure.  So after obtaining my new South Dakota license, I went out to explore what my new resident state is all about.  The first half (eastern side) of the state is pretty boring.  I do plan on stopping at Sioux Falls on the way back and scout the rapids and I might change my mind about the eastern half.  After crossing the Missouri river (which is in the middle of the state) it then turned beautiful.  I wanted to see Mount Rushmore, so I headed that way on the GPS.  After heating up the brakes on the bus flying down the mountain I stopped in a little mountain town called Keystone which has a population of 350 people.   This little town is awesome and it reminds me of the little town on the outskirts of Denver called Evergreen, CO.  Even though only 350 people reside here, it has tons of tourists.

Keystone, SD

So the next day, I did the tourist thing.  I jumped on the dual sport bike with food and water for the day and visited the Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial.  Mount Rushmore is pretty impressive.  I took in all the history and one of the quotes I read stated something about the government was formed to be ruled by the people.  How far have the tides changed now!


The Crazy Horse memorial which is being built for all American Indians is even more impressive.  The original sculptor that was commissioned to do this job did it solo for many years.  Since the government pretty much eradicated the Indians from their own land, the original sculptor decided to not take any hand outs from the state or federal government.  Working with his own money and minimal private funding he started this monument with minimal tools and equipment.  It is still being worked on by his family to this day.  Once completed, it will be the biggest monument in the world.  The vision at Crazy Horse goes much further than the monument.  There is big educational and developmental plans for this place.  This is definitely a must see if you are in the area.


Riding my dual sport bike through the Black Hills was amazing.   I could see much more stuff and I was more connected with the area than being cooped up in a car.  I pulled over by a beautiful lake and found the Horsetheif trail head which I decided to hike.

Horsethief trail was on the other side of this lake

The hike was pretty easy somewhat straight forward as I found a beautiful spot by the creek at the beginning of the hike to have lunch.  After lunch, I proceeded with the hike.  I don’t know if it was from all the history, good and bad, that I saw earlier in the day but my mind was running a hundred miles an hour.   The mind was bringing crap up trying to attach to anything that presented itself.  It was so bad it started to give me a headache.   I realized something needed to be done asap.  I immediately walked up upon this crevice between two rock towers.  About 20 feet up there was this perfect ledge off the trail that called me.  I climbed up and it had moss on the ledge that formed a very comfortable seat cushion.  This spot was meant for me at this moment, so I could not pass it up.

The spot that called me and I listened

I closed my eyes and meditated for awhile.  During this meditation, I shut the mind off slowed everything down to a standstill and found new space.  Getting to connect and know my inner being or spirit was exactly just what I needed.   After this experience, I felt totally different.  I walked with a new halo around me and with a full heart.

Immediately after the mediation this Doe came from nowhere and said hi.  She was not scared at all.

It was a big reminder by God, the Supreme Being, Higher Power, or whatever you want to call it (it is all the same thing) to get back to the truth, realign myself, and reconnect.  So whatever you have going on with your life, take a step back, find stillness, and realign yourself to what is true.  You will get all the answers you need, then it will be up to you if you listen and act on these answers.

With Much Love,



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