One of the worst things I have ever experienced is the NC DMV.  NC residents know exactly what I am talking about.  In the metropolitan areas the common wait time is at least an hour and then if you need title work you are lucky to accomplish your goal in one trip.  Well yesterday, I said good bye to the NC DMW hopefully forever.  I went to a small town, still waited 30 minutes, and I turned in the plates to all my vehicles.

Say hello to Great Faces, Great Places.  I am now an official resident of South Dakota.   What?  Did you say South Dakota?  You mean South Carolina right?   Nope…. South Dakota is my new residence.  Even though I have never been there, I have become a SD resident.  Most people think I bought property there….. Nope.   I rent a mailbox.  For 8 bucks a month, I rent a mailbox and get a permanent address.   I then used a proxy, Terri, who went to the DMV on my behalf transferred my vehicle titles over, applied for tags, and I received them in the mail.   Along with the elimination of NC DMV lines this move includes several tax breaks also.  Being nomadic bus life, I no longer have ties to any place and I can choose any location to reside.  South Dakota just makes sense to my situation.   I do plan to go visit and see what my new state is all about.  I am open to all recommendations on what to see and do there, so please comment if you have any.   If you are in a similar situation and feel like SD might be right for you please go to  Terri Lund is easily accessible via email or phone and is great to work with.



The new tags look sexy on my car.  Suki is not impressed.
Suki and I scouting some places to take the bus in Uwharrie.


These recliners in Cabela’s are the bomb and on sale.
Cabela’s also has a lifetime warranty on all their Cabela’s brand gear…. Bye bye REI!



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