We are not in Kansas Anymore

So after leaving Charlotte on Saturday, I attended a fantastic Halloween party in Louisville, KY sponsored by Chad Miller benefitting a cure for paralysis.  Krista was kind enough to pick me up a costume at the local goodwill, a soccer dad.  The Jim Beam after party was nuts too.  In St Louis, I crashed my cousin Sarah’s birthday dinner.  Uncle Bill, you will have to send me the St Louis style rib recipe for they were fantastic.   In Kansas City, I visited the Kuhlmann family, attended Sophia’s costume parade at school, had an all day party with Ava, and trick or treated with “The Donald”.  Also visited Leavenworth, but it was only a small misunderstanding…… I swear!

Leaving KC, and headed to Boulder, CO I was super pumped.   I have never visited CO nor have I ever driven this far west.  I wanted to see the Rockies before sunset.  I didn’t quite make it because I thought they were a little closer than I expected.  I finally got into Colorado and entered the city limits of Denver.   Now Denver is known as the mile high city, but I didn’t climb any mountains to get there.   Jeff Daniels was correct in the movie Dumb and Dumber…… “The rockies aren’t so rocky, that John Denver is full of shit”.   Well waking up the next morning and looking off the deck of John and Megan’s place the mountains looked phenomenal.   Getting the scoop from JC, I went to hike the Walker Ranch Loop.

This loop was fabulous.  It consisted of an eight mile hike, the elevation fluctuated from 6,500 to 7,400 feet.  There were gorgeous overlooks, a nice creek with some whitewater, lots of wildlife includung mule deer, and tons of rocks.   I retract my John Denver quote from above.  Sit back have a beer and check out the views.  Next is mtn biking in Moab, canyoneering in Zion, and probably back to Moab for more biking.   Might even be taking a trip down the ‘Million Dollar Highway” to get there.



Suki is ready for the 8 mile hike

Here are some of the sights within the 1st mile of the Walker Ranch Loop:

Snow in the higher elevations
You can see the town of Boulder off in the distance
There is actually a hiking trail in there somewhere

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