And so it begins…….

April 15th, 2016

Two weeks ago I posted on FB that I turned in my resignation, moved into a bus, and going to travel the country.   My friends that have been around me the past 6 months knew this was true.   Others, thought it was a big April fools joke.   Even my boss at work thought it was a joke.   She warned me three times that she was submitting it and didn’t notify anyone until the following Monday.   Well two weeks have passed and now it is time to say goodbye to corporate America, the confines, comforts, and predictability that comes with it and moving towards the unknown.

This is not a spur of the moment thing.   It has been very calculated and planned.   It started about 6 years ago when I got off work early for a Dr’s appointment.   It rained the day before and one of my favorite rivers had enough water in it to kayak on a warm summer day.   So I hurried home, loaded up my kayak, got the dog and headed to the river.  I attempted to get a few people to go with me, but being a workday and last minute, I couldn’t find any takers.   I figured I would find someone at the river once I got up there.   After arriving to the take out there were not any vehicles, so I decided to head to the put in.   The put in was also a ghost town….. Not a sign of human existence anywhere.   I debated a few minutes on what to do….. it was warm, sunny, and to quote one of my buddies as his thought crossed my mind “God Loves Kayakers”; I decided to put on the river by myself.   It was my first solo adventure.

The river was amazing.   I felt great as I navigated the waterways.   Knowing this was going to be on my only lap, I caught tons of eddies and relished the moment.   I would look upstream and admire the beauty.   I would look downstream and see the gorge in the afternoon light.  I was one with river that day.

On the drive home that night, I decided that I could do this everyday.   Nature is my sanctuary and I wanted to be home and immersed in it all the time.   I asked why am I not doing this?   It felt so true and right.   Because I had to work I told myself.   Why do I work?   To pay bills silly.  Why do I have bills?   Now we are getting somewhere.   At that moment I decided to start eliminating debt and dreaming of what life would be like without it.

Leaping ahead to 2015, I only had one piece of debt left…… my house.   I debated on trying to get the house paid off versus selling it.   Three signs presented themselves that year and signaled me to sell the house.   In August the house was on the market and after multiple offers it was under contract in a week.   There was a mad scramble to craigslist, ebay, goodwill and the free store to eliminate almost all my “stuff” except some bikes, kayaks, and the equipment associated with it.   The house closed in 30 days and what a relief it is not owning any of that stuff anymore.   It is a new perspective walking into the office at work on a Monday morning knowing that they need you more than you need them.   I highly recommend it.

That  winter (2015-2016), I bought a skoolie (school bus converted to a tiny home) and fixed it up to fit me.   I had to fix several things and also bought new stuff to make her self sustaining.    I added solar, composting toliet, new flooring, wiring, etc.   I finally moved into her full time March 2016 and everything has been great.   Now one last piece of the puzzle remains…… Quit the job and get out to live.   It is 4:59 pm and it is finally time to say goodbye to the place I spent my last 14 years and 14 days.  It is time to move forward and see what life brings as I am accepting her with open arms.





8 thoughts on “And so it begins…….

  1. This is totally awesome, im proud of you for doing this and living the way most of us talk about doing all the time…..Can’t wait to see pictures……makes me want a bus now!


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